About myself and what I do best

With a blend of a photojournalistic and fine art approach, I strive to capture real emotions with every couple. Working closely with my boyfriend Steven, we love getting to know each couple on a personal basis. This not only makes our shoots a blast, but also makes for great photos as everyone is more relaxed after getting to know one another.  

“Jennifer was such an incredible pleasure to work with!”

Which is why the consultation is so important to me – it’s more than just learning about pricing and seeing the products I offer. It’s a coffee date. It’s a time for us to sit and get to know each other. So shoot me an email, give me a call – I provide a free one on one consultation!

A little more…
Steven and I accidentally fell into the big, expensive world of cameras about 5 years ago. Steven explored the world of video-making while I toyed with the camera learning photography. After photographing our first wedding together, I fell in love. The day was filled with so much emotion, love and beauty everywhere you turned. I was on a high and without question started to pursue my passion. 3 years later I found myself booking enough weddings to leave my other job. I started doing bridal fairs, making business cards and building a website – all of this of course taking over my life, but in the best way possible. I’m so grateful life has taken it’s crazy random turn of events as I couldn’t be happier than doing exactly what I’m doing today. #grateful